Coming Soon! New District Website

New District Website
Posted on 12/20/2018

Coming Soon! New District Website

On December 21, the School District of Palm Beach County will launch a new and improved website. The launch of the new District website is the culmination of two years of communications platform upgrades for the District that includes new school websites, a District mobile app, and a new parent portal.

All school and District websites are mobile-friendly and parents should notice a similar design to find things easily when navigating between school and District websites. Parents can now also subscribe to school and District calendar events from their mobile device.

The website includes a Spanish and Creole version of the home page, and the entire site can be easily translated into many different languages, making it easier than ever for all parents to be engaged in their child’s academic journey.

The website is interconnected with the District’s mobile app which was launched in Summer 2017, and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store for free.

Emergency alerts will now display at the top of the page and because the sites are cloud-based, they will remain available during power outages, hurricanes, or other emergencies.

“The District is committed to making it as easy as possible for parents and the public to engage with our schools and the completion of this project removes the outdated platforms that were not conducive to online engagement for district and student information,” said Amity Schuyler the District’s Chief of Staff.

New District Website Frequently Asked Questions...

1) Why did the School District revamp its website?

Best practices for organizational websites indicate that public-facing school district websites should serve parents, students, and the public. In fact, in 2018, the majority of organizations separate public and employee-only web content. Separating the two, and moving employee-specific information to a new District Intranet site will streamline the search process.

2) Aside from separating the employee information from the public facing information, how is the website more user-friendly?

The site structure is more functional so that users can find the information easily and quickly. Users will no longer need to know which department is responsible for the information before navigating to it. The new site has a robust search engine, which makes it easier to navigate. The site also is more visual and easier to read.

3) What other features does the new website have?

The new website mirrors the design of the school websites, launched summer 2018. The same look, feel and continuity between the schools and District pages makes for greater ease of use.
Important or emergency alerts will appear across the top of the District and school websites. Information specific to a school, or about a set of schools, can also be posted directly to their website so that the most up-to-date news is available on each school site.
The new website is cloud-based so in the event of a hurricane or other emergency, the site will not crash and remain available for users.

4) Can I view the new website on my phone or mobile device?

Yes. The new site is mobile friendly and responsive, which means it automatically scales to fit any screen size.

5) Is the website available in other languages?

Yes. The site includes a Spanish and Haitian-Creole page for users to find stories that have been translated. Additionally, the site incorporates Google Language Translate which can translate the pages into 94 languages.

6) What if I can’t find what I’m looking for on the new site?

Users can email or call (561) 434-8000.

7) I am an employee. Where can I find my employee-related content?

Effective December 21, employees will use the ‘District Intranet’ tile, found on the top row of the employee portal. This will direct them to the old website until the new District Intranet is launched in Spring 2019.